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Mr.Y.Jagan Mohan Reddy. 21st December,1972,01:27:54 Hrs,Jammalamadugu. Lagna Kanya with Uranus,2nd house mars,3rd house venus ,mercury,4th house Sun,Jupiter,Rahu, Moon and Ketu in 10th house, saturn (R) in 9th house. Present Dasa saturn and sub period venus up to 12 may 2010.....23/04/2011..he will be Very Good Position.


Vrichikam,mesham,aswani 4th Padam,From 17-10-2008 Saturn Dasa Saturn is in 12 cusp Placed.It symbols not to be P.M

Sonia Gandhi

Cancer,Midhunam,Arudhra 1st Padam. Even in coming election.She can't become P.M Will hold some position,But from 15/05/2010........... Mercury Dasa- Sub Period - Saturn because she should be careful about her health and internal politics.But it, she survive up to 2013,she will become a great leader as a parties president in kethu dasa start from 2013.May suffer with chest related problem.

Laloo Prasad

Mesha,cancer,Pushyami 3rd Padam.Mars Dasa- Saturn Starts from 05/11/2009, again he will hold a good position...At present - Moon Dasa - Rahu Bukthi

Karuna Nidhi

Simha,Vrishabam,Mrigasira 2nd padam.At present Venus Dasa - Sub period - Sun from 28/09/2009 --- will do well for his party and good for the state, some ill health problems. After Jun/July 2008... From 2010 may leave his position as C.M. but he will be active in politics.


Makaram,Dhanus,Moola 1st Padam. Present Rahu Dasa. Mercury from 20/10/2006 to 08/05/2009. Rahu-Kethu from 08/05/2009.It indicates security problems or Accidents.His horoscope is very strong possibility to become CM and gain of position.

Chandra Babu Naidu

At present dasa is going in saturn period,anthardasa lord venus is struggling upto 2012 it will be not favour as fourth place is occupied by saturn.It indicates political future and some insults in between political parties and also internal conflicts.


Vrishabam,Dhanus,Purvashada 3rd Padam, Sat-Sat Dasa from 28/11/2007 to 01/12/2010. Again he will hold a position in Centre.


Simha,Makaram,Dhanista, Sat-Rahu 22/10/2007 Very strong get no. of seats in General Elections. Leading in MP elections 28/08/2010

Ramoji Rao

Kumbam,Vrichikam,Jyesta, Rahu Dasa in Venus Anthardasa 20/04/2006 to 20/04/2009 it is very strong horoscope-----he will be protected by law. Hurdles up to 12/09/2008--- lot of strain but safe.


Tula,Kanya,Chitta 2nd Padam. Sat Dasa in Rahu sub period 10/02/2007 to 17/12/2009 it is very strong to promote a parties... He will enter in to politics. And a great problem for Congress and TDP. Just watching ----

Rahul Gandhi

Midhunam,Vrichikam,Jyesta.He will not be elected as PM. Rare chances in 2011 to 2012.Hold a big position.

Jaya Lalitha

Midhunam,Simha,Makha. At present 71/2 years Saturn period, No major developments  upto 2012.When starts Jupiter Dasa period.


Tula,Vrichikam,Jyesta 2nd padam. He will again, but cannot become PM. Jupiter-Mercury_--up to 13/01/2010. Will continue as MP. Will get a higher award. In near future like, Bharat Ratna or else.

Manmohan Singh

Dhanus,Cancer,Aslesha. 71/2 Sane -- He became PM. lot of strain but his position is safe and fine. Due to subperiod of Venus lord of 6th and 11th Venus he will be PM. will won election as MP. may be proposed again as PM.

Sarad Pawar

Vrichikam,Mesham,Barani 4th Padam.Even next election he will win and cannot become P.M. but holds a high position,he will be in Cabinet.

Sanjay Dutta

Vrishabam,Kanya,Chitta 2nd padam. At present 10/05/2007 to 20/11/2009 Saturn Dasa-Jupiter Bukthi. No major hit pictures, court problems will continue, some times has to spend in Jail, will come out visits legal protection, all court problems will be sorted out by 2011


Simham,Dhanus,Moola. No major hits, 31/05/2007 to 10/02/2010 if any position he will enter in to politics.

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